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"To know even One life has breathed easier because you have lived...This is to have Succeeded!" Ralph Waldo Emerson

  • I'm not just another pretty face in the crowd. I know what I like, and I LOVE these Legendary Dream Machines from RVAnimals! A 5 Ball Rating in my book!”

  • "After many years of Daring Research, I've concluded these Bedz provide the Highest Quality and Comfort in the Entire Universe... EVER. I'd give them a solid 5 Woofs Rating!"

  • "Sweet Dreams are Made of This. Who am I to Disagree? NOTHING but the Finest Bedz for the Cool Catz and me... A 5 Paws Review for sure." (AND I'VE ONLY GOT 4!) Meowwww...

  • "I love my Cats more than any other Life Form on this or any other Planet! Thanks So Much for your Compassionate Souls and AWESOME BEDZ! A solid 5 Meteor Review!

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Making the World a Better Place, 1 Bed at a Time!

RVAnimals.com Founder and Private Pilot Volunteer with The New England Aquarium transporting Endangered Sea Turtles, long time Animal Welfare Advocate Mike Callahan has turned his Passion into the "World's Most Compassionate Website" offering Pet Supplies and RV Travel related Products with 100% of the profits supporting Animal Welfare & Worthy Causes.

So... Ya Think You're a Tough Guy?

Well, I've got some news for YOU Fido...

Check out our Legendary Line of Indestructable Elevated Pet Cots, with our Spectacular Unconditional "7 Dog Year Guarantee"... You know... Sorta like the Unconditional Love you've got for your Caretaker!

Sleep well my furry little friend, sleep well indeed...

Sweet Dreams are made of this, and this Blissful "Dream Machine" was made just for YOU!

See how their cute little paws twitch as they dream... yup, we did that!

Animal Welfare... it's not only what we do, it's Who We Are.

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Cat Bedz Galore!

For the Sophisticat in your life, we've got some SMOKIN' deals on our Breathtaking Cat Bedz Too!

Oh no, Dogs aren't the only ones that get Mind Blowing Attention around here, my friends!

We love ALL animals, as should we ALL.

Click that button ABOVE to check out what we've got out back for that Amazing Feline of yours.

Animal Welfare... it's not only what we do, it's Who We Are.

So Many Sensational Bedz, So Little Time... which one do I choose?

You can't make a bad choice here, my furry little friend!

What's my Pets Blissful Comfort worth to me?

It's Absolutely Priceless... as it should be to All Compassionate Caretakers.

Give them Something Spectacular to Bark About!

Animal Welfare... It's not only what we do, it's Who We Are.

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After a long night out Jammin' with the Legendary Cool Catz, enjoy the Serenity of a Spectacular Nights' (and the next couple of days') Sleep! Also perfect for those Relentless Cat Naps you seem to take every few minutes or so, ya lazy bum! Go Get a Job already!

During my Super-Human younger years (mid 80's) in the Boston Music Scene as a Fearless Sound Engineer, workin' with WBCN, voice over artist Billy West (Ren & Stimpy, the Red M&M, Futurama, etc.), and in Recording Studios with The Cars, Bruce Sprinsteen's E St. Band, Boston, & Aerosmith, there were MANY a night I'd drag my sorry butt home, wishing I had a bed as Wondorously Comfortable as these to pass out on for a few days... I can't believe I actually survived the Legendary Glory Days of it all!

Do your Cat a Solid, and get your Bedz Now!

Animal Welfare... it's not only what we do, it's Who We Are.


Listen, We Totally Get it Dude, You've Got a Dashing Image to Maintain...

Well, Image me this...

After you walk around in circles a few times before settling down to Blissfully Sleep on one of our AWESOME "Dream Machines" built just for you, you quickly drift off into the Magical World of Chasing Sticks, Barking at Cats, and Poopin' on the neighbors New Lawn (YES, we will be selling poop bags too!).

Ooooo, a Squirrel!

Beg your Caretaker to Order Your New Bedz Right Now!

Time's a wastin', and at a 7 to 1 Ratio, you don't have any time to waste!

Invest Today in Tomorrow's Dreams.

Animal Welfare... it's not only what we do, it's Who We Are.

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RVAnimals... The "World's Most Compassionate Website".

If you'd like to Enjoy Videos of our Awe-Inspiring 16,000 Mile "Journey Across America" as Daring Full Time RVers in Support of Animal Welfare, while Exploring the Breathtaking and Spectacular Natural Beauty this country has to offer, subscribe to our Newsletter Today! If we can get 100 Subscribers, I'll get started on editing and posting weekly episodes of our Jaw-Dropping Exploits. You're gonna love 'em, I guarantee it! We haven't been Everywhere Yet, but it's on our List... Please don't forget all of that Social Media stuff too, "Like, Share, Follow and Subscribe", and for Dogs Sake, sign up for our Newsletter!