Above, is a very small glimpse of our Mind Boggling "Journey Across America" in support of Animal Welfare, and below, you'll find some Legendary Dream Machines (Bedz) that you're pets will Adore. If I can get just 100 Fearless Subscribers to our Newsletter showing me someone else cares, and is interested in sharing our Thousands of Hours of Videos, I'll begin the Editing Process & share our library with all. Animal Welfare... it's not just what we do, it's who we are...

Rest those weary old bones my furry little friends.

Wether it's Puppy's first bed, or your Senior's very last, give them the greatest Love & Comfort you can, while you can. Time is one thing money can't buy, so Treasure it while you can.

They deserve it, and trust me on this one, for many years after they're gone, you WILL take great comfort every single day you remember them fondly, knowing in your very soul, that their Unconditional Love was Mutual, and you did your very best to comfort them while you could, through good times and bad... and they knew it.

Show your pets how much you truly do love them, today and every day, before it's too late, because before you know it... It will be.

Many of our products will ship with a 3 to 5 day delivery time, and we’ll keep you informed with package tracking and updates.

Custom designed products and ordering will be arriving soon.

Unfortunately, that whole Supply Chain thing is still an issue with many suppliers, but we’re a resourceful group here at RVAnimals, and soon you’ll be sleeping as serenely as your pet, knowing you’ve done a very good thing indeed, while helping support Animal Welfare... and as we all know,... Good things come to those who wait.

Therefore, I'd suggest ordering as soon as possible to help ensure you get Exactly what you want.

Don't worry though, If Sold Out, we'll search High and Low for an even better Bed, and you'll get a personal phone call from me if we have your number, or an email if we don't, to confirm the details or send a refund.

As we grow and warehouse our own inventory, this will no longer be an issue, and I look forward to growing together with you and your Fur Baby Family!

Feel free to make suggestions for improvements, and let us know what other products you'd like to find here as a Result of our Relentless Pusuit of Purrfection.

1-877-DOG-BEDZ (1-877-364-2339) and 1-888-CAT-BEDZ (1-888-228-2339) forwards to my personal Cell Phone (for now). If I can't pick up, please leave a message and I'll return each and every call as soon as humanly possible.

Stay safe out there my friends, and love your pets Shamelessly while you still can.

Please don't forget all that Social Media stuff, like "LIKE, SHARE, FOLLOW, & SUBSCRIBE", etc. It goes a long way in helping us to "Live Long and Prosper", especially for those who need it most.

Sincerely, Mike Callahan, Founder, RVAnimals.com

I'm Transferring an Endangered Kemps Ridley Turtle in This Photo.

This was a "Cold Stunned" turtle found on the shores of Cape Cod being transferred from The New England Aquarium to the National Aquarium In Baltimore Marine Animal Rescue Program due to a shortage of space in Boston.

Flying the Bahamas!

One of my Many Fearless & Daring Exploits was Flying the Bahamas in Search of the Next Spectacular Adventure Surrounded by the Legendary Beauty of the Caribbean Ocean!