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Cat and Dog Cuddle Cup Plush Round Orthopedic Bolster Bed

Cat and Dog Cuddle Cup Plush Round Orthopedic Bolster Bed

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Hey all you pet lovers out there!

Your pets will absolutely LOVE this incredibly soft and comfy bed to gently sink into before drifting off to sleep, dreaming about whatever our beloved pets dream about… Chasing dogs, cats, trains, planes, or automobiles… and actually catching them!

If only life were that simple for us all, huh?

The least we can do is provide our loved ones with the best pet products possible, and remember, 100% of our profits support Animal Welfare & Worthy Causes.

This bed offers a protective design for superior sleep, and who doesn’t love superior sleep?

Owning a pet can make your home feel a little bit safer, and just like humans, animals like to feel protected too.

Many cat and dog beds have an open pillow-like design that can leave some pets feeling exposed or vulnerable, sorta like many of us in the world today, huh?

With a cuddle cup, you can help create a secure sleeping environment for your furry little friends.

This design starts with a round shape that encourages animals to curl up, tune out, and get cozy with it.

High walls surround the bed, providing a sense of protection allowing dogs and cats to burrow in the deep crevices and block out the daily stress of their busy lives.

When pets have a more peaceful sleep, it improves their health, behavior, and longevity, as well as our own!

I can’t think of anything more valuable to me than a long and healthy life for my pets.

Let's face it my friends, the better they sleep, the better we sleep!

The ultra-soft faux fur interior is designed to be reminiscent of a mother’s coat and the plush rim provides an ideal headrest.

My mother’s coat was never quite this nice, but the headrests were kinda awesome!

Accidents and muddy paws are inevitable, but the dirt and water-resistant bottom help keep floors, beds, RVs, and car seats clean & dry, and it’s machine washable!

It's perfect for home and also travels easily for those road trips some may be fortunate enough to enjoy from time to time... Yipeee!

This overstuffed bed with air loft fibers for cloud-like comfort, is great for relieving pressure from joints and muscles! 

Damn, I’m SOLD, sign me up, I want one for me too!

To be honest with you, if this were available in my size, I'd buy 2!

Ooooh, wait… it is!

Speaking of human pet beds, check out the cool Human Pet Bed featured in our catalog.

Who doesn’t love sharing mutual comfort with their best friends?

Thank you so much for considering RV Animals as your wisely chosen supplier of the Most Compassionate Pet Products in the Entire World!

Includes a Full 7 Dog Year Guarantee (12 Human Months) and FREE shipping!

Please remember, 100% of our profits support Animal Welfare & Worthy Causes.

Stay safe my friends, and love your pets unconditionally, with all your heart and soul!


Mike Callahan, Founder,


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