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Cuddle Cup Plush Round Orthopedic Bolster Bed.

Cuddle Cup Plush Round Orthopedic Bolster Bed.

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A protective design for superior sleep!
Owning a pet can make your home feel a little safer, and just like humans, animals like to feel protected too.
Unfortunately, most cat and dog beds have an open, pillow-like design that can leave your pet feeling exposed or vulnerable.
With a cuddle cup, you can help create a secure sleeping environment!
This design starts with a round shape that encourages animals to curl up and get cozy. High walls surround the bed, providing a sense of protection and allowing dogs and cats to burrow in deep crevices.
When pets have a more peaceful sleep, it improves their health and behavior! Overstuffed with air loft fibers for cloud-like comfort, this bed is great for relieving pressure from joints and muscles!
The ultra-soft faux fur interior is designed to be reminiscent of a mother’s coat and the plush rim provides an ideal headrest.
And while it is perfect for pets, cuddle cups are also ideal for homes!
Accidents and muddy paws are inevitable, but the dirt and water-resistant bottoms help keep floors clean.


  • Pet-safe materials
  • Self-warming faux fur
  • High walls for support and security
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