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Small Rectangle Pet Cave

Small Rectangle Pet Cave

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This Pet Bed is the perfect hideout and relaxing spot for your pet, and who couldn’t use one of those right about now?

Unfortunately, they don’t make these in my size… yet.

This Awesome Dream Machine is made using faux suede and faux fur, which ensures durability and softness. 

It has a 100% poly filling that makes it soft and comfortable. 

The hooded Pet Bed has a waterproof and anti-skid base that ensures stability. 

You can machine wash the cover occasionally, to keep it fresh and breathable. 

Thank you so much for considering RV Animals as your wisely chosen supplier of the  Most Compassionate Pet Products in the Entire World!

Includes a full 7 Dog Year Guarantee (12 Human Months) and FREE Shipping!

Please remember, 100% of our profits support Animal Welfare & Worthy Causes.

Stay safe my friends, and love your pets unconditionally, with all your heart and soul!


Mike Callahan, Founder,

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